Katie’s Rice Box

Katie’s is another one of my regular stops in sushi world. They mainly cater to a local high school’s lunch crowd, do their menu is limited, and contains nothing terribly adventurous. In fact, I’m pretty sure they serve nothing raw.

As always I started with a sunomono salad. No, I didn’t eat half of it before I took this photos, this is actually how it comes. They could do to add some more noodles to it! The sauce isn’t bad, a little sweet and watery, but it could be a lot worse.

I also had gyoza. This is the sauce that began my addiction to gyoza sauce. The gyoza themselves were a little dry and very dense, but the sauce more than makes up for that!

Last but not least I had two of my favorite rolls, a popcorn shrimp roll (tempura shrimp with avocado) and a smoked salmon and cream cheese roll (exactly what it sounds like). I flip flop on which is my favorite, this time it was the popcorn shrimp. The rice was just the perfect texture, the rolls well rolled, and the fillings where tasty and creamy. A great chill lunch, or a great way to introduce a less adventurous friend to sushi!

I used to eat at Katie’s a lot, Lanning and I would make regular trips there. Their food is consistent, relatively cheap, and fast. It’s nothing earth shattering, but just good solid tasty food. They have a great selection of snacks and groceries too, which if nothing more makes for great browsing while you’re waiting for your older.

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I'm just your average white girl living on the west coast. Addicted to sushi, poodles and road trips.
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