I’ve been back home on the Island for a few days now, and craving sushi. Unfortunately for me, there is little in the way of good sushi in Campbell River, and even less of it is affordable. Today I finally caved and hit up one of my favorite spots, Wasabia. It’s not cheap compared to Vancouver prices, but it could be a lot worse.

I have had the sunomono salad here, and both the veggie and ebi versions are quite good. Because I was alone today and knew I couldn’t eat a whole lot of different things on my own though, I skipped it in favor of the Smoked Salmon Salad. This is a unique dish I’ve yet to see somewhere else, and it is absolutely fabulous. Daikon radish and cucumber are wrapped in a thinly sliced smoked salmon, much like a regular roll, and then plated in a fabulous ginger dressing. This sauce is what makes the dish, and there’s always lots left over to dip other rolls in. I wish they sold just the sauce in a take home bottle!

Next up, I had some nigiri, my usual two salmon and two tuna. The salmon is much different than the fattier fish you usually see, I’m not sure why. It’s softer and has a nicer texture this way, but at the expense of some flavour. The tuna on the other hand had a very fishy flavour that I’m not used  to. I’ll probably skip these next time, even though they look very pretty.

Last but certainly not least, I ordered a Dynamite Roll. Not your average Dynamite Roll, this version is a little spicier than most, because it has chili flakes on top! I love this twist, and it’s one of my favorite versions of this roll. It’s of course made that much better when dipped (OK, soaked) in the ginger sauce from the salad.

I love Wasabia, the staff is great and all know me by now. It can be slow, especially when it gets busy, and take out seems to take the brunt of this. It’s also a little more expensive, but being one of only a handful of sushi restaurants in the area, they get away with it.


Since I first wrote this post I’ve been back a few times, trying different things each time. A friend suggested I try the seaweed salad, which comes with a wasabi sesame dressing. I’m not usually a huge fan of green salads of any kind, and this was no exception. The waitress warned me that the dressing would be spicy, and she was right! On the bright side, it cleared my sinuses out… But in all honesty, even if that hadn’t been the case, I wouldn’t order this again. If you’re really into salads and wasabi, it’s great, but seeing as I’m neither, not so much for me.

Next up in my tour of all things spicy was the volcano roll. I loved the presentation, and the roll wasn’t bad, but again, that’s a lot of spicy sauce for someone who’s not crazy about that much heat. I would probably try this one again though, on a day where my taste buds haven’t already been fried off by the salad.

Another day, another sushi meal! My sister, mom and I always try to get in a sushi lunch together when we’re all in the same place (which is rarely these days).

This time around I did have the veggie sunomono. The asparagus and tomato were not the freshest, but I love the addition of avocado, and think that should be standard in all sunomonos. The dressing here is very good, though sometimes it can be a little cold and bother my teeth.

Next up was my sisters favorite, yam tempura rolls. She always orders it with avocado at other restaurants, so is thrilled when one (like Wasabia) has that in the roll normally. I like the roll, but it lacks some of the pizzaz that I’ve grown to love in the dynamite roll and others.

Finally we had the gyoza, which were actually a disappointment. As I’ve mentioned, I love gyoza, and especially gyoza sauce. But the gyoza tasted funny, almost like the oil they were cooked in was burnt. But they looked good!

We also had dessert, a chocolate cake and a strawberry cheesecake. Not normal blog fare, but delicious none the less!

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I'm just your average white girl living on the west coast. Addicted to sushi, poodles and road trips.
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One Response to Wasabia

  1. Jolene Collins says:

    I love your blog on Wasabia, very informative. I am also addicted to sushi and have enjoyed Wasabia the two time I’ve been. But even more I love the sushi in the Comox Valley. Sushi Kobo being the best, and most affordable in Comox, and then Ichiban in Courtenay is also excellent. Just a couple suggestions in case you are ever in the area, although it would be worth a trip in itself!!

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